ISEAI Non Professional Membership

*$99/yr special pricing for 2024, may not be available as the same offering/pricing in the future.

We never share a member’s private information so, for purposes of communication and record-keeping, we would appreciate it if you share all contact information requested below.

To become a Non-Professional Supporting member, complete the form below. This membership category is for members of the public (individuals with general interest in environmentally acquired illness who are not eligible for clinical training and licensure). 

Are you: a clinician, allied healthcare provider, environmental professional, or student wanting to apply for membership? If so, please review the membership categories on the Join page and apply in the appropriate category. If you or your company or organization would like to support ISEAI at a different level, please refer to the Support ISEAI page.

Note: Benefits for Non-Professional Supporting Membership are administered through the private Facebook group for Supporting members. If you are not a member of Facebook, you can create a simple, private profile to use for access to this group and others, and avoid posting any public information on your profile. Select 2023 conference session replays will be available after the event (exact sessions subject to change and uploads expected within a week of the event’s conclusion) . Some 2022 and 2020 conference replays are also available.

Before submitting, please review our Terms of Service.
Specifically, please note that sharing any members-only information and group member discussions outside of ISEAI (via email, social media, etc) is not allowed.

Note: You will be asked to pay your initial one-time yearly membership dues via Stripe or PayPal. You will be sent an email reminder one month (and one week) prior to your yearly membership renewal date. Each year you will be given the option to renew your membership, and you can control your settings by logging in to and using the My Account page (Members tab). Please make sure your credit card information is up to date.