Apply for Full Membership

To apply for Full membership, submit your completed application along with the required supporting documents and a one time, nonrefundable application fee of $25. We will review your application and notify you when you are approved, at which time your $250 yearly membership fee will be due. Once paid, you will have access to the members-only portion of our website.

We never share a member’s private information so, for communication purposes, we would appreciate it if you share all contact information requested.

Note: When you are approved and pay your first yearly membership fee a recurring yearly payment will be set up in Stripe or PayPal. If using Stripe you can adjust this at any time by logging in to and using the My Account page (Membership tab). If using PayPal, please adjust this directly in your PayPal account. You will be sent an email reminder one week prior to your yearly membership renewal date. Please make sure your credit card information is up to date.

Step 1:

Upload: Current license, CV, and letter of recommendation from a professional. Verification of certification(s) if applicable. 

These documents are all required in order for the board to review your application. Let us know if someone will be emailing a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

Upload file(s): 1. Select file(s), 2. Check I’m not a robot, and 3. Upload the file(s). Repeat if needed. You may also email documents to membership (at)

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Step 2: Apply