Right Under Our Noses: Subclinical Presentations of Mold-Related Illness


Licensed clinicians may attend (and professional and student members of ISEAI who may be in other allied professions).

Note: Include a brief statement of your licensure (license type, state of licensure) in the form below. Prior to July 20th, we have reached out individually to anyone who omitted this step in their registration. After July 20th, any registration in which license type and state of licensure are not provided by the registrant will be cancelled.

Join ISEAI Board President Mark Su, MD, FAAFP for an engaging, live virtual presentation about mold-related illness geared toward medical professionals seeing patients with subclinical presentations of mold-related illness, and/or serving patients in primary care settings.

When: Saturday July 27th 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Format: Live 1 hour interactive Zoom presentation including live Q&A and free recording provided to all registered attendees



Dr. Su currently serves ISEAI as President of the Board.  He practices medicine at Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport.

  • Both members and non-member clinicians are welcomed to attend, participate, and contribute in this interactive webinar.
  • Practitioners interested in learning more about patients with less obvious, subclinical presentations of mold-related illness;
  • Practitioners in primary care or other practice environments containing a greater diversity of patients; Practitioners newer to the topic of mold-related illness

Webinar Objectives:
Discuss early patient detection and treatment of mold-related illness among less symptomatic patients (ie, those NOT categorized as a “chronic-complex” patient).

Focal patient symptoms/phenotypes to be discussed:

  • cognitive change
  • paresthesias
  • fatigue
  • immune suppression/deficiency
  • chronic/recurrent sinusitis
  • thrush
  • IBS
  • asthma/allergies/rashes
  • food sensitivities
  • chronic constipation
  • longevity/anti-aging

Dr. Su on ISEAI non-profit:

“I believe in ISEAI, because I believe in those who make up ISEAI. Our members are driven to help their patients. Our leaders are driven to help increase all of our knowledge and awareness, to help our respective patients. ISEAI is made up of people who are willing to stand in the gap for those who are often marginalized by friends, family, and even those in the medical community. That’s worth my time, and my energy. These are the people I want on my team, those I want to align myself with… those I want to call my professional family. I’m proud to stand with those who make up ISEAI.” – Mark Su, MD, FAAFP


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