Michael Gray, MD, MPH, CIME

ISEAI Honorary Member

Michael Gray, MD, MPH, CIME, has practiced Internal Medicine and Toxicology in since 1978, having earned his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, and completed his residency at Cook County Hospital (1974-1978). He is board-certified in General Preventive Medicine, and Occupational Medicine. He was also Board Prepared in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Toxicology. Dr. Gray is also a Certified Independent Medical Examiner (CIME), having recertified in August 2017.

His Thesis in Pathology on Coal Worker’s Pneumoconiosis won him recognition in the form of a Hyndman Traveling Fellowship, which allowed him to complete the coursework for a Diploma in Industrial Health (DIH) at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s TUC Institute of Industrial Medicine in 1973. During this time, he had the privilege of mentoring with Muriel Newhouse, MD, who’s 1968 MD dissertation confirmed the relationship between exposure to asbestos and the development of mesothelioma—an illness the only cause of which is fibrous silicates.

While completing a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) degree at the University of Illinois, School of Public Health in 1978, Dr. Gray did his master’s project on charcoal filtration of public water supplies, making him aware of the ability of charcoal to adsorb myriad low molecular weight (MW<1000) organic persistent organic pollutants thereby restoring contaminated waters to a healthy potable status. Though the cost for a community of 100,000, or greater in 1978 was approximately $1/person/year, and although activated charcoal successfully cleansed the seriously polluted Rhine and the Rhone, its use has been very limited in the US.

While practicing Internal Medicine and Toxicology for 44 years, Dr. Gray had over 250,000 clinical encounters. One fifth of those clinical encounters (50,000) occurred in the Clinical Environmental Toxicology Clinic where Dr. Gray has focused on understanding causal relationships between exposure to and accumulation of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), and human morbidity and mortality worldwide.

Dr. Gray firmly believes, that the panoply of illnesses related to POPs are both preventable, and treatable. These illnesses include, but are not limited to, immune toxicity induced inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, endocrine deficiency states and deregulatory illnesses, toxin induced neurodegenerative disorders, water damage building related toxic bio aerosol induced chronic and acute disease, diseases associated with mitochondrial cytopathy, including chronic debilitating fatigue, cardiomyopathies, and muscular dystrophies, interference with protein synthesis, interference with DNA replication, and frank mutagenicity resulting in birth defects and malignancy.

Since 2003, Dr. Gray has averaged one peer reviewed journal publication per year. In the last 2 ½ years, he has worked with Emmy Award winning video producer Dan J.P. Ciernia, M.Ed., to establish a YouTube Channel titled “My CYP450,” on which may be found a series of short subject videos presenting the concept of Cumulative Organic Chemical Hypertoxicity and its treatment, which will be the focus of his presentation during the ISEAI conference in May, 2019.

Dr. Gray practices in Benson, Arizona at the Progressive Healthcare Group.

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ISEAI 2019 Conference Lecture

Saturday, May 4 10:45 am – 12:00 pm
Treatment of Mold Toxicity in an Underserved Population

Michael Gray, MD, MPH