Dr Oenbrink is an ISEAI Founding Full Member who practices at Appalachian Wellness PLLC

Family Medicine is the broadest, most fascinating specialty; “womb to the tomb, toes to the nose”.  From my earliest memory I wanted to be a doctor that could handle whatever came my way, a “superdoc”.

THAT is family medicine!  It’s a specialty that trains us to do almost anything, allowing us to find an area of interest and focus on that, or continue as a “generalist”.

During my career I’ve practiced aboard cruise ships, jet ambulances, pre-hospital care/EMS, Emergency Departments, ICU’s, hospitals, addiction-rehab facilities, Nursing homes, my office and done missionary & disaster relief work.

I blew a disc in my back on my 45th birthday and became a failed back surgery patient.  After 2 years of chronic pain & inability to stand up straight I met a lady at church who owned a health food store.  She suggested a list of supplements.  Six weeks later I was pain free, cured!  I pursued both her & more knowledge, soon practicing Complementary & Alternative (CAM) medicine more and more with “traditional” medicine.

I also married her.  We learned together.

Being persistent (stubborn), I worked hard trying to figure out how to help patients who had no relief from other practitioners.  A thorough medical history showed me what didn’t work.  I “thought outside the box” and developed a reputation as the guy in town who took time with patients and got results.

Then she got sick with a mystery disease.  Her dormant asthma became persistent, multiple steroid courses caused weight gain.  She was always in pain & tired.

Stachybotrys was growing inside the wall of her store next to her desk, the highest ERMI the local remediator had ever seen.  She moved the store to a new location.  We left Florida to pursue our dream in North Carolina.

She discovered the “Shoemaker Protocol”, I started studying it.  We were living in a contaminated house.  While trying to fix the problems I got sick too.  Being unable to work for a few years took its toll.  We were able to find a safe home.  After starting my own solo private practice, I earned recognition from Dr. Shoemaker for proficiency in his protocol and focused on treating patients with chronic inflammation.

Illness is generally a product of genetic predisposition, habits & environmental exposure.  Medicine frequently advances with the development of new drugs, highly priced & marketed by “big pharma”.  Environmental medicine doesn’t have that luxury.  Practitioners are broad-minded, forward-thinking scientists that “push the envelope”, often at their own expense, professionally & personally.  We’ve left mainstream medicine for many reasons with the goal of serving our patients better.

When I’ve been given lemons in my own life, I’ve found recipes for lemonade that I can use to better serve others.  Can I serve you?

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