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Disclaimer: Patients must thoroughly review their chosen medical or environmental professional’s education and training, clinical experience, scope of practice, billing practices, malpractice coverage, and all other criteria important to them. Patients agree to not hold ISEAI responsible for outcomes related to care provided by any professionals named below.

Map instructions: Zoom in on the map by double clicking or using the “+” button. Search options: Enter “your location” (city, state or postal code), alter the search radius, or choose a category (medical professional or indoor environmental professional). To see a fullscreen view click the “square” in the upper right of the map.

      The map shows ISEAI Board Members, Diplomate Members, and Full Members with experience with illness caused by environmental exposure: mold illness/biotoxin illness, CIRS, Lyme disease and other chronic infections, heavy metals, toxic exposures, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia, and more.

      ISEAI medical professionals specialize in environmentally acquired illness (EAI). These clinicians (MDs, DOs, NDs, NPs, etc) often have integrative and/or functional medicine backgrounds, and use a systems biology approach to treat the root cause(s) of complex chronic illness.

      ISEAI indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) perform onsite assessments of residential and commercial properties, oversee remediation efforts, and provide real world advice to maintain the “health” of your home or office. Refer to our guide “Finding the Right IEP to Assess Your Home”. IEPs can work closely with ISEAI medical professionals, if desired, to help connect the dots between environmental exposures and health concerns. While onsite assessments are almost always preferred over virtual/phone consultations, many clients lack a local inspector they trust, or lack the finances to bring in out-of-state professionals. For this reason and others, you may desire to work with one of the IEPs listed below by phone or virtually. Some IEPs also travel for work.

      ISEAI Research & Development, Partner, and Allied members can be found here.

      Also see our Patient Resources and Education pages.

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