Becoming a Member of ISEAI

ISEAI has professional membership categories to accommodate professionals with interest and experience in environmentally acquired illness (EAI). If your profession or qualification is not seen on the list below, please email and we will review your credentials to determine what category is best for you. For answers to common questions, please see our FAQ.

Please review our Terms of Service prior to applying.

Step 1: Once you’ve chosen the category that fits you best, submit your online application along with the required supporting documents.

Step 2: The Membership Committee meets regularly and will notify you of your membership status after your application has been reviewed.

Step 3: Approved applicants are notified via email, pay the annual membership fee appropriate to their membership category, then gain access to membership benefits.

Membership Benefits Table

Category Cost/yr Clinical Forum Resources Discounts Newsletter Vote Speakers’ List Full Certification Education Modules Facebook Group
Honorary N/A *
Diplomate $300 *
Full (Standard) $250 *
Full (R&D, Partner, Allied) $250 *
Full (IEP) $250
Student $50 *
Non-Professional Supporting $99

*The Full Certification program is in development and will be made available in stages beginning in 2024.

Membership Categories

Full Member Categories

Full Membership subtypes:

  • Standard: Clinicians (MD, DO, APRN, NP, ACNP, ND*, PA, PA-C) with full prescriptive rights in the state/territory they practice in, and Pharmacists (PharmD, RPh) *Naturopathic Physicians who have graduated from an AANMC accredited Naturopathic Medical school
  • Partner: Actively licensed in territory of practice – Chiropractors, Clinical Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Nutritionists, Dentists/Biologic Dentists, Occupational Therapists, Optometrists, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurses, Social Workers.
  • Allied: Actively licensed in territory of practice – Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine, others.
  • Research & Development: Academic researchers, Professors, and Commercial R&D.
  • IEP: Indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) who perform assessments or remediation of residential and commercial properties and have experience working closely with clinicians treating EAI.

Application requirements:

  • Completed online application
  • Active license/certification in the state/territory you practice in
  • CV or professional online profile (please highlight EAI related experience if possible)

International applicants:

  • Licensing/registration structure can vary across countries and professions. If you are an international applicant, please reach out for information on the licensing standards we require.


Students who are actively participating in education/training that will eventually enable them to qualify for any Full Member categories (listed above) shall be eligible to apply for Student membership. Student Members can apply to be Full Members once eligible to do so. Please review the Full Member categories above and subcategories below, prior to applying for Student Membership, to make sure you qualify.

  • Graduate Students (clinical/licensure track)
  • Doctoral Students (clinical/licensure track)
  • Nursing Students (bachelor-level, clinician/licensure track)
  • Resident (graduated graduate or doctoral program; usually pre-licensure; clinical residency)
  • Fellow (graduated graduate or doctoral program; usually licensed; advanced fellowship)
  • Indoor Environmental Professional (usually meets educational but not experience requirements for full membership)
  • Allied Learner (select professional learners and professional programs that are not degree-granting, graduate-level or above and/or licensure-qualifying)
  • Researcher: graduate and doctoral students who are engaged in formal research for their academic program may join as researcher-student members of ISEAI. Once graduated, may apply for full membership if licensed or if holding an academic position (professor; PhD level researcher; etc).

For full details on each of the subcategories and their benefits see this document: ISEAI Student Membership Details.

Reach out to if you have any questions.

Application requirements:

  • Completed online application
  • Student ID, or proof for student/training status

Once you become a member of ISEAI you can be listed on the Student Member List page if you choose so.

Non-Professional Supporting Members

Members of the public (individuals with general interest in environmentally acquired illness who are not eligible for clinical training and licensure) shall be eligible for Non-Professional Supporting membership. If you are a clinician, allied healthcare provider, environmental professional, or student, please apply to one of the membership categories listed above. If you represent a business or organization, you can support ISEAI on a yearly basis or through a one-time donation.

Application requirements:

  • Completed online application

Once you become a member of ISEAI you can gain access to a private Facebook group with replays of select conference talks (no extra charge for conference access).


Honorary Membership status is by invitation only for exceptional contributions to the field of EAI and service to ISEAI. View the Honorary Members List.


Diplomate status is currently offered by invitation only, after application. Diplomates are clinicians (MD, DO, ND*, PA, NP) with full prescriptive rights in the state/territory they actively practice in, Pharmacists (PharmD, RPh), and PhD’s.

Requirements include:

  • Active membership in ISEAI,
  • Sponsorship letter from a current ISEAI Diplomate,
  • Verification of certification in EAI (ISEAI or other),
  • Evidence of advanced clinical or research expertise in EAI (5 years minimum),
  • Participation in ISEAI activities (Forum, conferences, board or committee engagement),
  • Actions consistent with ISEAI core values

*Naturopathic Physicians who have graduated from an AANMC accredited Naturopathic Medical school

Membership Ethics Policy

The ISEAI Membership Ethics Policy is based on and complementary to the high standard of medicine expected of its Members and Diplomates. Members who are health care professionals must adhere to the following ethical standards. A member who violates these standards may be counseled or expelled from ISEAI.

Each ISEAI health provider must:

  1. Seek to develop and maintain core competencies in environmentally acquired illness (EAI) and seek to maintain a high level of professional qualification through continuous education, as EAI is an evolving field of expertise.
  2. Practice and promote evidence-based medicine in EAI. Members must not claim results or outcomes unsupported by documented, verifiable evidence. When members have an opinion regarding treatment that is based on personal or financial ties rather than clinical judgment, they nevertheless must share alternative perspectives and treatment options with patients.
  3. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing their individual scope of practice.
  4. Conduct themselves honestly, fairly, and in good faith, and treat patients and other healthcare professionals with respect.
  5. Uphold these standards of professionalism. A member who knows that another ISEAI member has engaged in conduct that violates these standards or otherwise could cause harm to patients must report this to an officer of the ISEAI board of directors.
  6. Present any research findings with complete honesty and accuracy, and, if conducting research, shall behave ethically towards human subjects. Members who publish research must disclose any conflicts of interest that are arguably relevant to the work published.
  7. If prescribing or recommending a product or service (other than direct medical care) from which they would profit, provide patients with full and complete disclosure, orally and in writing, of their financial interest in the product or service.
  8. Seek to provide a portion of services to patients who cannot afford to pay a provider’s usual fees.