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Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEPs)

The following IEPs have experience helping medically-sensitive patients to improve the health of their home environment. Many highly experienced IEPs also offer virtual consultations.

Please do your own due diligence before hiring any professional and carefully review any contract you sign.  Please note that IEPs (inspectors and remediators) are licensed professionals in some US states, but unlicensed in other states. ISEAI is not responsible for the outcome of specific projects.

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Important! ISEAI suggests using separate companies for assessment (inspection) and remediation, if possible, so there is no conflict of interest.

Assessors (inspectors) perform on-site inspections of residential and commercial properties using visual inspection and instruments, suggest and interpret tests, create a written report with recommendations for remedy, and can also oversee a remediation plan.
Remediators perform the physical removal of contaminants and affected building materials following a step-by-step protocol.  For medically-sensitive patients, ISEAI recommends against jumping straight to hiring a remediator.


Assessors perform onsite assessments of properties, suggest and interpret tests, can oversee remediation efforts, and provide real world advice to maintain the “health” of your home. Some also offer virtual consultations.

Read Finding the Right Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) to Assess Your Home for more information and for some questions you should ask an IEP before hiring them.

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 (also performs remediation)
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  (also offers video/phone consultations)


Remediators perform the physical removal of contaminants and affected building materials following a step-by-step protocol (often created by an assessor). Proper containment and engineering measures are used to help control their work area and minimize cross-contamination concerns.

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 (also performs assessments)
  (ISEAI Founding member)
  (also offers video/phone consultations)

More Options: For other professionals in your area, see Note that they may not understand chronic illness concerns to the same degree as an ISEAI IEP. For onsite assessments, look for ACAC candidates with CIEC and CMC certifications. For remediation, look for ACAC candidates with CMRS and CMR certifications. Learn more about ACAC certification here.

Resources: Review the ISEAI IEP Committee “Finding the Right IEP to Assess Your Home” guide, plus Factsheets and other Resources.