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Mary Ackerley, MD – My Passion 4 Health

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Lauren Tessier, ND – Life After Mold


Keith Berndtson, MD


Margaret DiTulio, APRN – Regenix Healing LLC

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Lori Allen, RPh – Mixtures Pharmacy

Jill Carnahan, MD – Flatiron Functional Medicine

Georgina Hale, MD – The Hale Clinic

Kelly McCann, MD – The Spring Center

Kellyn Milani, ND – Remedy HealthBukovina

Michael Schrantz, CIEC, CMI, BPI-BA/EP – Environmental Analytics, LLC

Mark L Su, MD – Personal Care Physicians of Greater Newburyport

Werner Vosloo, ND – Restore BioClinic

Bernarda Zenker, MD – Trinity Integrative Medicine

Mary Beth Ackerley MD, MD(H), ABIHM

Mary Beth Ackerley, MD, MD(H), ABIHM, is a classically trained board certified psychiatrist and integrative physician. She graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University, studied at NIMH and finished her residency in psychiatry at Johns Hopkins. Dr Mary began to treat biotoxin patients in 2010 and was certified to treat CIRS in 2013.  She no longer works within the confines of one protocol but continues to build on her foundational knowledge by expanding into the fields of neuroimmunology and systems biology.

Patients commonly come to her with conditions of anxiety, depression, brain fog and chronic fatigue. Her treatment protocol for biotoxin illness combines a variety of methods including conventional and integrative medicine. Her special skills include the ability to manage cognitive and psychiatric symptoms that often occur in complex chronic illness using natural treatments or allopathic meds if necessary.

Her expertise includes brain MRI analysis in conjunction with NeuroQuant software. She has also uncovered a significant relationship between MARCoNS nasal pathogens in relation to hidden dental infections known as cavitations. This discovery is linked to neuro-inflammation with psychiatric implications and has led to greater improvement in diagnosis and treatment.

Currently she is researching the affects from biotoxin illness on oxygen absorption and metabolism. The brain requires the greatest supply of energy. Therefore the inability to utilize oxygen effectively may be a major cause of the brain fog, cognitive impairment, anxiety and emotional lability frequently seen in chronic fatigue. Effective treatment requires resolution of chronic inflammation and infections, not SSRI’s.

Her internet article entitled “Brain on Fire” (related YouTube) is widely acknowledged as a pre-eminent summation encapsulating the psychiatric implications from acquiring biotoxin illness. Her private practice, called My Passion 4 Health, is located in Tucson, Arizona. Often she is contacted from around the world consulting through Skype about complex cases.

My Passion 4 Health –

Lauren Tessier, ND

Lauren Tessier, ND, is a Naturopathic Physician licensed by the state of Vermont. After earning her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington she returned home to New England. It was in central Vermont that Dr. Tessier established a successful integrative health clinic. After a few years of practicing Functional & Integrative Medicine, Dr. Tessier noticed that there were some cases that were not responding as well to treatment as typically expected—especially the cases with a history of exposure to mold and water damaged buildings. Driven by her curiosity and desire to help difficult cases, Dr. Tessier started treating biotoxin illness in 2013 and became a CIRS certified physician in 2016.

In response to growing interest in her expertise, Dr. Tessier established Life After Mold; the East Coast’s only CIRS certified Naturopathic practice. Life After Mold services patients suffering from multi-symptom, multi system illness, complicated by co-morbid conditions such as MCS, MCAS, and chronic infections- including Lyme & co infections, EBV, CMV, etc. Dr. Tessier operates two practice locations in Waterbury, Vermont and New York, New York.

The e-book “Mold Prevention: 101”, authored by Dr. Tessier has been widely circulated and its suggestions implemented by many worldwide. Dr. Tessier sees patients at her two Life After Mold practice locations and offers consultative support for professionals and clients nationwide.

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Margaret DiTulio, APRN

Keith Berndtson, MD, is a family physician by training and a systems medicine physician by choice. He is a Cofounder of ISEAI, his pride and joy. He currently serves as Board Director and Secretary for ISEAI. He is available as a medical expert for lawsuits involving indoor mold exposures, and will be offering guidance on the care of complex forms of chronic illness for patients and providers, as scheduling permits, once he returns to Illinois and settles in this summer. Website is under construction.

Margaret DiTulio, APRN

Margaret DiTulio, APRN, MS, MBA, is a Family Nurse Practitioner. In 1998 she established a primary care family practice, Rockingham Family Healthcare, in Atkinson, New Hampshire with a special focus on environmental influences on health.  In addition to her primary care work, she provides evaluation and treatment of environmentally acquired illness through a separate entity, Regenix Healing, which she established in 2014.

She has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of tick born infections and inflammatory illness acquired from exposure to the indoor air of water damaged buildings. She is certified in the Shoemaker Protocol for diagnosis and treatment of biotoxin illness and the genetic analysis program, Opus 23. She has completed training in the Bredesen Protocol for evaluation and treatment of memory impairment.

Utilizing an integrative medical model, she works with people to optimize the quality of their health status, addressing lifestyle, nutraceutical and pharmacologic interventions.

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