OCTOBER 2-4, 2020

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Researched Nutritionals® is the company dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed research on its products, including:

• ATP 360™ (52% fatigue reduction, 12% diastolic blood pressure improvement, 68% sleep improvement)

• Tri-Fortify® Watermelon & Orange liposomal glutathione (28% increase in intracellular glutathione, 400% increase in Natural Killer Cell function, 25% decrease in oxidative stress/lipid peroxidation)

• Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ – clinically shown to increase Natural Killer Cell function by 620% & to restore Th1/Th2/TH17 immune balance

• CytoQuel® – designed to calm the proinflammatory cytokine storm, manuscript submitted for peer-reviewed publication (research demonstrated 10% reduction in MMP-9 in just two weeks, 65% pain reduction and 45% sleep improvement)

Complete line of transfer factor products, including Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ (immune modulation, NK function) and targeted transfer factors: Transfer Factor Enviro™ (targeted support for the body’s healthy removal of mycotoxins), Transfer Factor L-Plus and Transfer Factor PlasMyc™.

New for 2020: ToxinPul™ – Formulated to Promote Healthy Detoxification of Herbicides & Metals, it employs multiple mechanisms of action for:

• Tissue Clearance

• Localized & Systemic Binders

• Organ Support

• Oxidative Stress Management