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Exclusively for health care practitioners, Functional Genomic AnalysisTM is a proprietary, cloud-based software that maintains unprecedented analytical capabilities using genomic raw data.

Designed and routinely updated by an expert team of researchers and practitioners, the software’s analysis process is based on our custom Pyramid approach, which has received rave reviews from functional medical doctors. The software integrates genetic raw data, lab work results and patient symptoms side-by-side in one program. Once the software runs its complex sequence of mathematical algorithms,
it automatically generates detailed reports with dynamic information.

  • Gene Report – the number of SNPs/variants
  • Patient/Client SNP report
  • Practitioner SNP report
  • Supplement report – highlights estimated needednutritional support based on the patient’s SNPs, labs andsymptom surveys, with warnings for contraindications
  • Pyramid report – summarizes all the SNPs, labs andsymptoms to make the most effective clinical decisionThe software provides a wealth of information as to how our patients’ bodies make and use proteins and enzymes that are critical components to rebuild and repair cells, produces antioxidants, and the ability to detoxify. We now havethe ability to take proactive, rather than reactive action in supporting our patients’ health.

    Health professionals all across the country agree this program is the leading software for functional genetic nutrition analysis, as it combines genetic raw data, a symptom survey, and labs to help you decide if SNPs are being expressed.


    A complimentary, no-obligation trial of the Functional Genomic AnalysisTM software is available only to practitioners to test
    this program’s superior functionality. Upload one existing
    raw genetic file for free (Your Genomic ResourceTM file or a 23andMe® file, v3, 4, or 5).