2019 Conference

ISEAI 2019 Conference


The primary mission of ISEAI is to provide a certification process that educates health care practitioners.

There are several steps to obtain certification:

  • Attendance at two ISEAI symposia
  • Completion of training modules which will be offered beginning in the Fall of 2019
  • Completion of an examination that will be offered initially at our second symposium in 2020
  • Submission of an evaluation and treatment program for two patients that demonstrate an understanding of the process by which patients with complex medical illness need to be approached
  • Full certification will be offered to health care practitioners with prescriptive training. Full Certification provides Diplomate status and will be offered to practicing physicians (MD, DO, ND*, NP, PA). A completion certification will be provided to other allied health practitioners. Those who complete the process will be featured on our website.
  • For those who wish to become certified, attendance at our May 2019 conference would be the first step in this process and therefore is encouraged
  • In addition, ISEAI allows consumers to find trained physicians on our web site

The cost of certification, which will include the examination and review of patient reports is anticipated to be $1,000.

*Licensed ND’s with prescriptive training