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350 clinicians collaborating to end complex chronic illness, one patient at a time.

Supporting Clinicians

If you’re frustrated by the challenges of caring for complex patients or are unsure how to coordinate the different treatment approaches for mold exposure, other environmental toxicants, persistent infections such as Lyme disease, and patients’ symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, pain, and intestinal problems, ISEAI can help.

ISEAI is an active community of collaborative, open-minded clinicians, scientists, and indoor environmental professionals who can provide tools to help you optimize your own blueprint for managing complex patients facing environmentally acquired illness (EAI). We offer membership and educational conferences for a diverse group of licensed professionals, plus medical students.

Our Origin Story

It is no secret that many patients today are sicker and their illnesses are more complex than they were even 20 years ago. Even so, doctors are expected to diagnose and treat patients in less time and with more restrictions. Medical appointments are sometimes so brief that patients can present only one or two complaints during a visit. Few doctors have the time or ability to look at a patient’s whole health picture. Our complex-chronically ill patients are sick, exhausted, in pain, anxious, not sleeping, digesting, or thinking properly.  They have potentially been misdiagnosed or told their problems were “in their heads” – something increasingly known as ‘medical gaslighting.’ ISEAI was co-founded by physicians to end the suffering by helping the medical community to better serve these patients.

Environmental exposures are often root causes of ‘unexplained’ symptoms and syndromes.

ISEAI Giving Tuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday

Thank you to all of our members and donors who supported ISEAI on Giving Tuesday! We raised $18,000 to increase our impact through next year’s programs.

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ISEAI Resources: Quick links for medical and environmental professionals, and the public/patients!

Visit our Resources page. Watch ISEAI Board Member Videos to learn more about this exciting field!

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Medical Providers: Explore emerging concepts when you Join ISEAI’s Community of collaborative, open-minded clinicians, allied healthcare providers, and environmental professionals. Enjoy our lively Member Forum, Conferences, Webinars, and more!

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Environmental Professionals: Join ISEAI’s Community of indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) today! Learn cutting edge techniques for assessing environmental exposures and collaborate with leaders in this emerging field. Work in tandem with clinicians to solve complex problems in novel ways.

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patient resources

Patients: If you suspect that you or someone you love is suffering from an environmentally acquired illness, learn more About EAI. Visit Get Help to find a medical professional or indoor environmental professional. Refer to our guide if looking to optimize your indoor air quality. Learn about our public membership, with a private Facebook group and streams of select events.

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Featured Videos from ISEAI Members

March 24, 2022 ISEAI board member Dr. Kelly McCann (The Spring Center) is interviewed by Capital Integrative Health on MCAS, POTS and Mold Toxicity.

January 19, 2022 Dr. Jill interviews ISEAI Member Dr. Lyn Patrick, and Dr. Louise Tolzmann on the impact of wildfires on air quality and health.

June 28, 2021 Dr. Jill interviews ISEAI Member Dr. Erik Lundquist (Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine) on immune resilience and CIRS/mold illness.

December 7, 2021 Second in the series of webinars offered, unofficially, to the GPL forum by ISEAI Vice-President Dr. Mark Su, MD (Personal Physicians of Greater Newburyport). Includes special guest, former ISEAI Secretary Peg DiTulio, DPN, APRN. This webinar has its own page where you can find both videos, more information, and a PDF of the slides.

I believe in ISEAI, because I believe in those who make up ISEAI. Our members are driven to help their patients. Our leaders are driven to help increase all of our knowledge and awareness, to help our respective patients. ISEAI is made up of people who are willing to stand in the gap for those who are often marginalized by friends, family, and even those in the medical community. That’s worth my time, and my energy. These are the people I want on my team, those I want to align myself with… those I want to call my professional family. I’m proud to stand with those who make up ISEAI.

I stand in service to ISEAI, because I believe that the healthcare profession can do better when it comes to assisting people suffering from complex chronic illness; and ISEAI is positioned to do just that. We are a thriving community of  well intentioned and well educated physicians who are at the ready to facilitate a sea change in the larger medical paradigm- and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Lauren Tessier, ND - ISEAI Vice President, Life After Mold

“I joined ISEAI to be a part of the movement of giving a voice to patients who have chronic complex illnesses and who are often marginalized by mainstream medicine. ISEAI is a community of practitioners who motivates each other to continue to learn and grow by pushing the envelope of medicine. It’s an added bonus that each ISEAI member who I have interacted with is inspirational! I am honored to serve on the board of directors and to be able to advocate for the inclusion of environmentally acquired illnesses in mainstream medicine.”

Kellyn Milani, ND - ISEAI Secretary, Remedy Health

ISEAI is a community of like-minded professionals seeking to better understand the complexities of chronic illness and low-dose environmental-exposure concerns. As an IEP, I am grateful to find myself surrounded by colleagues who also understand yet, at times, struggle with the diversity of environments and conditions surrounding our clients. ISEAI is a place where examining minds are welcome. A place to learn. A place where ideas or assumptions can be respectfully challenged, even tested, for the good of service to our community.

Michael Schrantz, CIEC, CMI - ISEAI Treasurer, Environmental Analytics, LLC